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Energy cost savings?

cheaper waste management?

better communications?

funding a new purchase or project?

Carbon footprint reduction?

Edge business solutions brings together multiple ways for your Business to become better! We can offer the most competitive energy prices along with green energy solutions. We can help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint by changing the way you use your electricity and how you dispose of your waste and recycling.
Our services can help your business communicate better or help you secure new capital for an important project. What we can offer will improve your business and ensure substantial cost savings.

We provide our customers with a full energy management service.

Competitive Rates

We track  the markets so we can take advantage of the discounts available to you.

Account Handling

We keep it as hassle free for you as possible, let us do all the hard work.

Market Knowledge

Our highly experienced team know the market inside out and are therefore able to offer the best advice on when to switch and which tariff suits your business.

Customer Service

Our customer care team will ensure someone is always on hand to answer any queries you may have throughout your contract.

LED Lighting

Reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your green credentials


Obviously cost is a major factor in regards that they will see a huge reduction in the cost of the energy bills. Also as the lifespan is hugely improved the maintenance is vastly reduced also honing on the fact that as the light quality is so much better light fittings can also be reduced.


As the lighting (lux levels) are far more superior the working conditions become a better environment to work in. Fittings are more robust


More efficient reduce carbon foot print lamps uses non hazardous materials.

What is required to carry out the work.

Edge with the help of our electrical contractors will conduct a FREE site survey to evaluate your lighting requirements and inventory. We also offer a FREE design service to consider alternative lighting layouts, and will provide you with a full quote including a lighting plan detailing the locations of the lights and expected light levels and a payback-period calculation, so you can see the savings before you commit.


Once the work has been agreed the installation takes place with little or no disruption to the day to day running of the property. This can be catered around you.


The upgrade however can be achieved by not having to use any money from your capital. Very simply the savings you make from installing the more energy efficient LED lights will pay for the lights and installation work. As we can offer a finance agreement tailored to your needs which will not exceed your current spend on electricity.
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How we can finance help your business?

There are a large variety of finance solutions available for your business. Capital could be required for a tax or vat bill or funding needed to cover 100% of your new project cost. Whatever your business needs we can help find the right solution for you!
Cash flow – plan payments to suite your cashflow
Quick decisions – rapid turnarounds for rapid results
Access to all the finance you need, when you need it

Business Loan Finance

Boosting cash flow – Covering a one-off cost – Growing your business – Covering tax bills.
‘Cash is king’ is a phrase that many business owners will be aware of. Having access to cash to fund your business is key to growing your business or supporting in difficult times. For many businesses it is difficult to access the cash they need especially with bank overdrafts becoming more difficult to obtain, and find it daunting to identify what the best solution is for them.

Unsecured Business Loan

Available to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. Unsecured loans are available to all business sectors and can be used for a variety of different business needs including
Working Capital
Professionals funding
Tax and VAT funding
One off business expenses
To purchase assets
To support expanding your business
Buying Stock
Restructuring debt.

Soft Asset Finance

Moving premises? Expanding? Time for a refit? A refresh? To fund up to 100% of your project costs for whatever you need wherever you need it. Funding for fit outs and refurbishment of business premises for all business sectors.

Business Loan

Secure loans are available to your business to support a variety of different business requirements.
Working capital
Equipment purchase
Property purchase
Acquisition finance including MBO’s and MBI’s
Refinancing and restructuring.


We can help you to reduce your overheads by grouping all of your existing telecom lines together.

Our combined service will significantly reduce the cost of your monthly bill. What’s more is it will all come to you in one easily understandable monthly bill.
We can also help with business mobile phones whether you’re in a contract or out of one. If you choose to switch to us today, then we’ll offer you the best business mobile prices, service and support.
We’ve got a large range of broadband products for businesses to meet the demands of any company. These range from ADSL2+ to direct internet access.
Whatever your communication need talk to us today and start saving money and improving your business communications.

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